• I got to know about Easy Job Bridge from contact person at my university. One of my teacher recommended it also because other students have come from our faculty and they profited from it. I worked at design studio in Msida. The company was probably the best I could get. They are really nice and helpful and fantastic designers. In addition they appreciated my opinion. I did graphic design (adverts, stationary, logo & brand) and interior design (furniture design, 3D modeling, elevations in CAD).  My colleagues were nice and helpful, there was always great atmosphere at work. Maltese people are very social. J And like to celebrate. Although I didn’t participate in many events, the few I did was great (like Sliema Art Festival). I definitely recommend to come to Malta J and to practice patience before coming because they will need it sometimes (waiting for the bus).

(Zsofi, Hungary)


  • I was in Malta two years ago and I liked it very much. I knew that they speak in English and they are very mediterranean.  This is the best combination for me. I am really happy about my decision to come here. I worked as an interior design intern. I liked my hosting company very much. It was full of new tasks for me. I almost havent done anything like this before. Everything was nearly connected with my specialisation. I was working as a member of a team. It is something I find pleasure in. I have done researches, 3D models for furniture products and whole interiors according to technical documentation. I have learnt a lot about material applying on models, lighting and rendering with Vray in Google Sketchup. One of the best point of the work were my collegues. I wasn’t used to the behavior like they had. They were so patient with me, and explained everything I asked for.  They treated me as a member of their team since my first day. I really liked the apartment, as it was more comfortable than I expected. The place, Msida I also like, because its nearby Valletta, so the public transport’s problems were quickly solved. However,  I did not find pleasure in living with guys from my country. There are more reasons, but the main is I couldn’t improve my language skills with them. My friend lives in Paola in a flat fully mixed with people from different countries, that is more fun and they can exchange experiences. As far as I recognised, people are friendlier here than in my country.  I mean they are more attentive to each other. I think this is because of they don’t stress so much on small things. I completely like the country’s atmosphere. I am amazed mostly of natural  places. According to this my favourites are Azure Window, Comino, Dingli Cliffs and Sliema beaches also.
    If I have to choose a city in Malta, I would choose Valletta, as it is a tipical mediterranean capital, I love it so much. Before coming to Malta I haven’t been anywhere for long time to use English language. First it was a bit difficult, then I have met my friend’s flatmates, so from then I was talking with them more than I did before with anyone. In the office I learnt a lot of useful vocabulary in connection with my specialisation. Be adventurous, never be shy to ask or try! This is a nice opportunity to get experiences you have never got before. And have a bbq on the beach, it is a must!

(Alexandra, Hungary)


  • During my workplacement I was placing and installig solar panels on roof tops. All the people had many patience and care for me, it was a great team. I really liked my accommodation, that was  one of my favourite places in Malta after a long day. In my opinion, if you are open minded you can acquire many friends during parties, festivals or  when you just walking on the streets. So there were many opportunites to get in touch with people from several nationalities and make friendships, but you had to do the first step toward them. On the other hand Malta abounds in churches, parks, catacombs which offered another kind of recreation.

(Norbert, Hungary)


  • My training company in Germany told me about the chance to do a work experience abroad. My uncle and some of my friends went to Malta for vacation and they told me that there are a lot of people form different countries to improve their English. So I thought Malta could be a good place for me.

I worked in Valletta and I like my colleagues very much.  The team was like a small family, I had a lot of fun. In our appartment we had everything we needed and it was clean. In Malta you have many different cultures and people are very open. It was easy for me to find friends in Malta. I improved my English a lot because I just met a few German people. Go to Malta and enjoy your time, in my opinion stay in Malta for 1-2 months is enough, because it´s small and that is enough time to see everything.

(Luisa, Germany)

My favourite photo:









  • I worked in an advertising agency and it was truly a great experience. I was helping marketing executive with various tasks, from talking to our clients to working with media publishers, doing researches. My colleagues were splendid. The social and cultural life in Malta it’s completely different yet really attractive. I enjoyed it.  My favourite places are Blue lagoon, Azure window, Mdina, Valetta, Sliema coast. In working environment I improved my business related vocabulary. I would recommend to go out of your comfort zone more often, seek advise from more achieved people in the field, socialize and explore.

(Tomas, Lithuania)


  • I found out information about Easy Job Bridge at the website of my university because some other students have already been to Malta via Easy Job Bridge. I liked my company very much J.  These are the main tasks I did: assisting and helping with day to day duties related to international commerce, companies incorporation, sales and finance, working on creating internal database of clients and companies, accompanying mentor on the business meetings, assisting pursuing prospective clients. I liked working with my colleagues J They all were very friendly and kind to me. I think that social and cultural life in Malta is very rich, especially now in summer. There are many festivals going on, celebrations, fiests and a lot of events where we went together with friends. I really like the capital city, Valletta. I like beaches in Malta, my favourite one is Mellieha and I also enjoyed watching sunset from rocks at Riviera bay.

Now I feel more confident while speaking English. I would recommend to all the students to go on a traineeship abroad, to gain new experience and skills but also to learn the history and the culture as well as the customs of the people in the country  they will visit. In Malta you can gain new work experience and at the same time you feel like you are on holiday :D

(Bibiana, Slovakia)



I found Easy Job Bridge by searching on Internet. I want to say that EJB has a very good Internships Coordinators, they found us really good companies, explained everything very well and tried to find solutions when we had problems. At my company, food importers in Malta, I worked in marketing, sales and distribution. I really liked my host company. It’s a company with lot of respect for its employees. This company knows how to combine work and a  friendly relationships.

My first accommodation wasn’t good, but EJB did the necessary to find us another accommodation (which was really better). Malta is  a rich country because of its cultural diversity ( Italian, Arabic, English, French…) and welcoming people. I think that I really improved my skills in English during my internship.

(Camille, France)


I found it interesting to visit Malta as the island attracted me a lot. During my work placement I took care of the animals, assisted with horse therapy, participated in the summer school program – swimming, handwork, pottery, dance, play with children. Feel free to come to Malta alone, without friends, it’s friendly and charming place. If you want, you will enjoy every day. Do not hesitate and do not wait!

(Vendula, Czech republic)


I worked at company dealing with international commerce. With my colleagues we  went out together sometimes and we had also integration meeting. Social and cultural life in Malta is very good. People are nice, there are many events and cultural festivals.

(Dawid, Poland)


Social and cultural life in Malta is great ! Everytime there  is something organized, you can’t be bored here. My favourite places are beach near Surfside, Paceville and Msida. To other students I recommend also Comino with Blue Lagoon,  Mdina, Rabat and Mosta.

(Eliza, Poland)


We decided to choose Malta as a destination for internship because I find Malta beautiful with many tourist attractions, perfect for holiday and especially perfect for life and work. In the company I was responsible for activities of management, accounting, customer relations and marketing. Places that surprised me were Blue Grotto and  Azure Window. I definitely recommend to anyone to visit Malta.

(Giorgiana, Romania)


I decided to come to Malta because people here speak English. I also wanted to have some fun and I heard that Malta is a good choice to do it. I really liked my company, workmates were friendly, everyone knows how to speak English.

Workmates are really friendly, makes some really funny jokes, sometimes we even go out with them. I visited a lot of places in Malta, but I really liked St Peters pool, Mellieha beach, Crafts village and Rabat. I really feel that I learned a lot of new words as well as I improved my communication in English.

(Karolis, Lithuania)


I decided to come to Malta because it seemed like a great oppurtunity to grow culturally and gain crucial work experience to expand my resume. In my opinion the Maltese people have  a calm and relaxed lifestyle. They are closely bonded to their families,very open minded people,outgoing and have a great sense of humor.

(Pawel, Poland)


I worked in event company. I liked my host company a lot! We had very good  relationship, work was great. Accommodation was nice. We were living not far away from the centre and the seacoast.

(Marta, Poland)


I worked at Laboratory.  I did water analysis, sand analysis, food analysis. My colleagues are my friends and my family now and they help me to improve my English, also they teach me Maltese. I am very lucky and glad to be here and have here a big family.  Some of them want to come to my wedding J

Life in Malta is very nice, a lot of events, clubs,  festa, fireworks and things like this. I would like to come back J

(Mariana, Romania)


I worked in a hotel as a kitchen helper, everybody was patient with me, understanding my lack of experience in this department and taught me a lot of things. As regards my accommodation, seaview in the morning is good for the spirit and the location is perfect. For other students I would recommend to see every street near the apartment, beach, surroundings, every place where you can go by foot within an hour walk. I like also Mdina, Valletta, and other touristic locations but the small details that we see  every day make me like Malta even more. Last but not the least Juul’s Reggae bar.  A very nice and comfortable place, they have the best brownies you will ever eat.  If you have never been, give it a try ;)

(Cristian, Romania)


In my hosting company I developed software for customers. My colleagues were very respectful and helping every time I had a problem or I asked some questions. They were the best in every aspect.

I think Malta is great in any aspect. The people are very positive and they are very helpful. You see everyday people who are trying to improve their lives and do something for themselves but the actual thing that is great about them is that they do this at their time peace. I like that they can turn almost everything in something to celebrate. And let’s not forget about the fireworks, they are awesome and all the countries should do this like Malta does it. It is purely awesome.

(Marius, Romania)


My role in the hosting company was to create and maintain websites. I participated at different projects. I had the opportunity to go to Poland for a  presentation of  a very interesting project about imigrant women over 45 years. I created this website on my own. There I met people from other countries who assisted on the project .It was a very good experience. I learned many new things and I’m very glad.

Malta is full of traditions. The history of Malta is interesting. I like that people are very faithful, they have many churches. Maltese are wonderful people, they help whenever you need.

(Maria, Romania)


Social life in Malta is very international. Over the summer I enjoy meeting people from all over the world. The cultural life, well there are lots of museums , historical places and feasts..  so there is nothing to complain! My favourite places are the road between Marsalforn and Victoria, right before the sunset; Mordor Caffe in Birkirkara.

(Stefan, Romania)


I heard about Easy Job Bridge through my University. I decided to come to Malta because it sounded exotic and also a colleague from my University has been here before and highly recommended it.

(Ana Maria, Romania)


I came to Malta because of the opportunity to practice my skills and also for the experience of being on your own, alone in a foreign country whitout parents or relatives, where  you have to do all by yourself. And of course I came in order to have a good time, with a lot of fun, temtation of spending the summer on an island in the Mediteranian Sea.

I worked in historical towers. I had a lot of responsibilities. I opened and closed the towers, I sold the tickets and the souvenirs, I was the guide for the tourists, I managed the incomes. It wasn’t easy, especially in my first days, but it was a great experience.

It was surprising to see that such a small island like Malta has that amount of heritage, historical, cultural, even the nightlife in Malta was something different from other countries. Maltese people are one of the kindest and open minded nation that I have met untill now.

(Ciprian, Romania)

I worked in a company dealing with electronics. I liked my company very much, I was very lucky because this company accepted me and also because EJB sent my CV (Thank you !) I did a lot of tasks for the company, for ex. reports about the machines and suggestions for improvement. I get along with my colleagues very well.  Now they are my friends and they want to keep in touch with me… Maybe I will come back for work after Bachelor. I improved my English skills a lot, it’s the easiest way how to learn English.

(Maria Irina, Romania)


I found out about Easy Job Bridge from my  International Relations and Project Manager, who is working in College where I am studying. She suggested me that it would be better to travel to Malta, where I can receive a lot of experience in Multimedia Technologies. I worked at marketing company. People are really friendly, they are always helpful if you have some problems to find any place. Cultural life of Malta is really interesting. In the beginning of my internship people were celebrating feast in different cities of Malta. Every evening you could see fireworks. Also, they have cultular events such as “Malta International Fireworks”, “Malta Arts Festival” and many others, which is really amazing. Even if it is small country, you can find many places to look around. Sometimes it is confusing to find something you need, because all the buildings look the same for me.

Perhaps, the most favourite place is St Peter’s Pool. I have never seen such a beach, where you can jump from high cliffs.

I think I improved my skills in English language. Now I feel more comfortable to talk with people in English as I was not when I arrived. I would like to recommend to other students to visit Malta, because it is an amazing place. Don’t be afraid and talk in English, because after a while your skills will improve.

(Egle, Lithuania)


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