The beautiful Island of Malta, located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, is an ideal place for gaining a work experience if you want to stay in an English speaking country and enjoy sunshine, swimming, culture and meeting new people. Malta offers a wealth of tradition and history and an abundance of nature, spectacular, panoramic views and sites.

Malta’s small size is an advantage as most sites are within a relatively small distance. It is the right destination to do a lot, from visiting World Heritage sites to basking in the sunshine on one of its fabulous beaches.

With tourism, quite naturally, being one of the main industries, the country has a well-developed infrastructure to cater for travellers of all ages, with direct flights available from most European cities.

Malta is also one of the safest countries in the world, with an exceedingly low crime rate, giving travellers the peace of mind they may not normally have in their home country. In addition, you will always feel at home through the welcoming Maltese people and their well known hospitality.

The island became a British colony in 1814 and gained independence in 1964. Mediterranean culture is dominant in Malta but 150 years of British rule have had a lasting effect on the country and its language. English is as one of two official languages in the country. The rich history and culture of the Maltese islands act to create an unforgettable experience for all students that will be forever treasured.

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